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20ml Parrot Feeding Syringe Baby Bird Feeder Hand Feeding Syringe for Birds and Small Animal Syringe


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Mainly used for feeding Liquid food or milk to parrot pigeon and other baby bird when it was sicked or it was young

Applicable animal:Parrot pigeon sparrow and other just hatched birds or small animal likes kitten hamster rabbit rat puppy

Material: Plastic Steel feeding tube stainless feeding needle,it doesn't break down the medicinal concentration

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 Are you searching a  pet syringe for your favorite pet when it was sicked or it was young? Now,this feeding syringe is your right choice:
      Suitable for parrot pigeon sparrow and other birds,or small animal likes hamster rabbit guinea pig chinchilla rat etc
      3 size syringe needles can satisfy your pets
      The feeding tube has clear and precise scale that you can control how much liquid pet food you needed
      Pet feeding syringe doesn't break down the medicinal concentration,because the gavage needle is made of stainless steel and it's easy to clean
      Hand feeding syringe that you can observe the pet's reaction when you feeding it
      High temperature resistance,reuseable and easy to clean

     Syringe material: Plastic + stainless steel
     Gavage needle material: Stainless steel
     Syringe needles quantity:3pcs
     Package included:
     1pc feeding syringe tube and 3pcs syringe needles

     Please allow 0-1cm errors due to manual measurement